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Christina is one of our newest girls here at the agency. She is from Romania and has not lived in the country for long. That does not mean, however, that she cannot speak English. Her level is not fluent. Although, it is conversational. She is very enthusiastic though. Making sure that she is understood and also that she understands her clients.

Petite escort Birmingham Christina loves to entertain her clients in any way that they desire. Her insatiable appetite for carnal excitement is what drives her to provide an immensely intense. Also, sensual encounter.

She is a petite Birmingham escort that stands at five feet four inches and has an incredibly lithe body. She wears UK dress size 6. Her petite frame makes her seem taller than she really is. Her long, lithesome legs are incredible to look at. Especially when she is wearing high heels. When she puts her secretary costume on for those who wish to partake in role play. She looks absolutely stunning. Your trousers will stretch from the sheer excitement that seeing her in this role will elicite. She also enjoys playing with mild BDSM games. She can be slightly submissive if she is required to be. However, she would rather be mildly dominant. She loves to spank her clients as hard as they would like…or maybe as hard as they can tolerate. She will have you begging her to spank you harder after each time. For those who like to play in water. Petite escort Christina offers the chance for her submissive or kinky clients. Be on the receiving end of her golden shower.

This sublime petite escort has a gorgeous face. Her brown eyes are to die for. The depth of colour combined with the sensual way she looks at you is beyond compare. Her silky jet black hair hangs all the down to beyond her waist. Luckily for her clients, escort Christina offers deep French kissing as part of her services. The arousal that you will feel as her lips, soft as silk, gently tease your senses. Sending tingles of excitement and anticipation. Rushing through your body in electrical impulses. Making the hairs on your skin stand on edge. Is unlike any you would have felt with another woman.

Just looking at this nubile escort is all you need to feel the warmth of excitement grow in your loins. If looks alone make a man weak at the knees. Imagine how intense physical contact would be. When you book a petite escort in Birmingham like Christina, it is because you know that she will fulfill your every desire.

This sassy twenty eight year old petite Birmingham escort is in high demand. Many men from outside of the area are now showing interest. In booking her to visit them. They try to spend as long as possible in her company. To make sure that you are not left without the opportunity to explore this angelic escort’s body. We suggest you make your reservation in advance. You will not regret a single second spent in the company of the sexiest petite escort girl around.

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My Reviews

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