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As the Panama Papers clearly show, most of the uber-wealthy are on a tax dodge!
(Apologies Ma’am).
Therefore, there is no point in you paying your council tax any more, just for some twat to make sure they use up their full financial quota for the year by making tiny effing cycle paths straight into dead end walls.
Instead why not spend your newly saved fortune on a good old British Birmingham escort – like Caroline.
With her 30DD bust, black hair and bisexual persuasion, Caroline is one of those reliable native girls you can count on to maintain that quintessential essence of Anglo-Saxon culture.
Yes, she can gobble like a turkey or lap like a thirsty Spaniel!
Caroline’s motto is “any hole is a goal” so you are definitely guaranteed to score with her.
Providing you hand over your council tax money first.

Just write “Caroline” on your next tax return and sign off as Lord Lucan…and send a black and white photocopy of the Legion of Honour medal…or something.
We are sure the Inland Revenue will be perfectly understanding.

CALL 0121 663 1134

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